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Load cell UDS

1.? Capacities:20t,25t,30t
2. ?High accuracy
?????? ?3. ?Integral overload protection up to nominal load of 2000Kg
4.? Total alloy steel construction
5.? Factory mutual approved


Load Cell UEAF

1.? Capacities:35Kg,60Kg,100Kg,200Kg,300Kg,500Kg
2.??High accuracy
3.? Total alloy aluminum construction
4.? Low profile
5.? Easy cable replacement


Load cell UES

UTE load cells are designed to meet the most stringent accuracy requirements.
UES? load cells are available in the capacities 0.25 t? to 10 t.
They offer total alloy steel construction and improved potting,making them
suitable for use in the toughest industrial environments.